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659814061686   On-Stage ASVS4-B 4" Microphone Pop Filter with Clothes-Pin Style Clip
659814125562   On-Stage DB1000 Active Direct Box
659814486311   On-Stage DSB6700 Stick Bag
659814130153   On-Stage GA150 Acoustic Guitar Humidifier
659814815968   On-Stage GK7000 Universal Guitar Care Kit
659814407132   On-Stage GS7255 Double Hang-It Guitar Stand
659814537860   On-Stage Guitar Pick Hold-It
659814104390   On-Stage U-Mount Mic Stand Guitar Hanger
50602991748700   Orange Crush 12 1x6" 12-Watt Combo Orange
5060299172357   Orange Crush CR60C - 60W 1x12" Guitar Combo Amp - Orange
5060299175532   Orange Micro Dark 20-watt Hybrid Head
5060117089676   Orange Micro Terror 20-Watt Head
5060117089683   Orange PPC108 1x8" 20-Watt Speaker Cabinet
801128583679   Oscar Schmidt 1/2 Size Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
801128367682   Oscar Schmidt Solid Body Electric Guitar (OE20TSLH-A)
PGUK550C   Penguin Classic Flamed Maple Concert Ukulele
PiccoloRENT2OWN   Piccolo- RENT-to-OWN
846817000709   Prelude Bb Lacquered Tenor Trombone TB711
61022100293   Promark C-RODS Cool Rods
616022106417   Promark White Stick Tape
8025534002124   Quik Lok IPS10 iPad Holder
752715061073   Red Label Super Sensitive Steelcore 4/4 Cello Strings: Set
757242387795   Remo Falam Slam Pad Kevlar Bass Drum Patch (2 Pack)
046716575975   Ric Royal Alto Sax Reeds, 2.5, 3-Pack
046716100924   Rico Alto Sax Reeds, Strength 2.5, 3-pack
46716100924   Rico Alto Saxophone Reeds
046716101082   Rico Baritone Saxophone Reeds
046716101167   Rico Bass Clarinet Reeds
046716100757   Rico Bb Clarinet Reeds
046716572714   Rico Bb Clarinet Reeds, Strength 2.5, 3-pack
046716572721   Rico Bb Clarinet Reeds, Strength 3.0, 3-pack
046716575937   Rico Royal Bb CIarinet Reeds, 2.5 3-Pack
046716101006   Rico Tenor Saxophone Reeds
46716101006   Rico Tenor Saxophone Reeds
761294506059   Roland Electronic V-Drum Set (TD-1K)
817531000429   Rosin - Violin, Viola, Cello
686194000523   Rotosound Electric Guitar Strings - Roto Reds, Medium 11s
686194000509   Rotosound Electric Guitar Strings - Roto Yellows, Regular 10s
686194000479   Rotosound Electric Guitar Strings - Roto Greens, Extra Light 8s
622537057489   Sabian 18 Inch AAX X-Plosion FAST Crash
840246022264   Savannah SB-080 18 Bracket Banjo
717070011606   Saxophone Lyre
TS600   Selmer TS600 Student model Tenor Saxophone
659814298570   Sheet Music Stand
042406396325   Shure PGA48-XLR Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone with XLR-to-XLR Cable
133587590128   Shure SM57-LC Cardioid Dynamic Microphone
424060512936   Shure SM58-LC Cardioid Vocal Microphone
78736033511   Sidekick Passive Direct Box
736021245785   Signal Flex Dynamic Microphone, Black (MGN-13BK)
659814281268   Single X Keyboard Stand
611820002039   Snark SN5X Clip-On Tuner for Guitar, Bass & Violin
RECORDER   Soprano Recorder with Baroque Fingering
882030145261   Stagg ABS-FL Case for Flute - Black
882030223570   Stagg BLAXX BX-CHORUS Mini Pedal
882030223426   Stagg BLAXX BX-DIST A Two Mode Mini Distortion Pedal
882030223440   Stagg BLAXX BX-DRIVE A Two Mode Overdrive Mini Pedal
882030223679   Stagg BLAXX Chromatic Tuner Pedal
880230228643   Stagg BLAXX DI box and preamp for guitar and bass guitar
882030241376   Stagg BLAXX Tremolo Pedal
882030228636   Stagg BX-ABY BOX A-B Box
882030223655   Stagg BX-DELAY BLAXX Series Delay Effect Pedal for Guitar
882030228100   Stagg BX-LOOP BLAXX Series Looper Effect Pedal for Guitar and Bass
882030236228   Stagg CTU-C1 Digital Clip On Tuner
882030152986   Stagg CXK-SET Brass Standard Cymbal Set
882030157042   Stagg K66 Speed Wrench for Drums & Cymbals Key - Silver
882030194054   Stagg META-K8 Color Coded Metallophone
882030239694   Stagg Metallophone (META-K12 RB)
882030157691   Stagg MH-8A Microphone Clip
882030239083   Stagg MTB-S3A Trombone Mute
8820301349060   Stagg Nickel Wound Bass Guitar Strings
STAGGOAK   Stagg Oak Drum Sticks
88203022291   Stagg SDMP15 Dynamic Microphone
882030198267   Stagg SMIX 4M4S D US Multi-Channel Stereo Mixer with 2-4 Mono and 2-4 Stereo Input Channels
882030237768   Stagg SUW 10H Wireless Microphone Headset
SLM1501   Standard Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Hard Case
086792995441   Steinberg UR12 USB 2X2 Audio Interface
852956007691   Sterling by Music Man S.U.B. Series Ray5 StingRay Bass, 5-String, Black
852956007103   Sterling by Music Man StingRay Ray4 Bass Guitar in Vintage Sunburst Satin
650106003650   String Swing CC01KOAK Hardwood Home & Studio Guitar Hanger
650106000017   String Swing Guitar Wall Hanger
684770100100   Superslick Cork Grease
684770102043   Superslick Tenor Saxophone Care Kit
TG530SB   Tagima TG-530 Strat Style Electric Guitar Sunburst
TG530VW   Tagima TG-530 Strat Style Electric Guitar Vintage White
TG530EBK   Tagima TG-530E Strat Style Electric Guitar Black
TG540BK   Tagima TG-540 HSS Strat Style Electric Guitar Black
TW55BS   Tagima TW-55 Tele Style Electric Guitar Butterscotch
TW55SB   Tagima TW-55 Tele Style Electric Guitar Sunburst
TW61FR   Tagima TW-61 JM Style Electric Guitar Fiesta Red
TW61SB   Tagima TW-61 JM Style Electric Guitar Sunburst
TW61VW   Tagima TW-61 JM Style Electric Guitar Vintage White
799493250398   Takamine EF341SC Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar Black - Scratch & Dent Special
799493251401   Takamine GD20CE-NS Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar
799493251739   Takamine GF30CE-BSB FXC Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Sunburst
799493250688   Takamine Pro Series 3 Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar Natural
748252138743   TANNOY TM1 Condenser Microphone with Pop Filter and Shock Mount
043774031757   Tascam Trackpack 2x2 Complete Recording Studio Package for Mac/Windows Computers
TenorSaxophoneRENT2OWN   Tenor Saxophone - RENT-to-OWN
TromboneRENT2OWN   Trombone - RENT-to-OWN
082562071612   Trophy Flip Folder for Marching Band
82562071612   Trophy Flip Folder for Marching Band
TROPHYFLIPPG   Trophy Flip Pages for Flip Folder - Set of 10
TrumpetRENT2OWN   Trumpet- RENT-to-OWN
748252159243   TURBOSOUND iNSPIRE iP500 V2 with Reverb
736021266865   Ultra FBR2 Feedback Buster for Acoustic Guitars
UG-41   USED Squier Contemporary Active Stratocaster HH Black Matte
UG-33   USED TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal
UVPII   USED Vega Pro II 4 String Plectrum Banjo with case
VANDORENAS   Vandoren Alto Sax Traditional Reeds; Box of 10
VANDORENCL   Vandoren Bb Clarinet Traditional Reeds; Box of 10
VANDORENTS   Vandoren Tenor Saxophone Reeds; Box of 5
750795001828   Vic Firth American Custom Keyboard, Medium Head Mushroom - M3
750795013463   Vic Firth Drum Set Mute Prepack MUTEPP4
VIOLARENTALONLY   Viola - RENTAL ONLY - Less than full size
ViolaRENT2OWN   Viola Full Size (15" or larger) - RENT-to-OWN
VIOLINRENTALONLY   Violin - RENTAL ONLY - Less than full size
ViolinRENT2OWN   Violin Full Size (4/4) - RENT-to-OWN
801128034737   Washburn HJ40SCE Heritage Jumbo with Electronics Natural
889025111287   Yamaha AC1R Acoustic-Electric Guitar Vintage Natural
889025115056   Yamaha APX600 OBB Thin Body Acoustic-Electric Guitar Oriental Blue Burst
889025113168   Yamaha BB734A BB-Series Bass Guitar Dark Coffee Sunburst
889025113199   Yamaha BB735A 5 String Bass - Scratch and Dent Matte Black
086792270890   Yamaha FC-5 Sustain Pedal for Portable Electronic Keyboards
086792997278   Yamaha P Series P45B 88-Key Digital Piano
889025109772   Yamaha PSR-E263 61-Key Portable Keyboard
889025112062   Yamaha PSR-EW300 76-Key Portable Keyboard (power adapter sold separately)
889025123990   Yamaha StagePas 1K 1,000 watt PA System
ZGLOVES   Zildjian Drummer's Gloves

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